Ballet Classes in Annapolis

Ballet and Creative Movement:

Barbara Winner  Dance major from Butler University.  Performing experience with the Butler Ballet Company and Ballet Theatre of Annapolis.  Has taught ballet and creative movement in the Annapolis area since 1977.  Holds a B.S. in Art from Northeastern University; and in addition, two years of elementary education courses.


Julia Donaldson Holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from
Pennsylvania College of Art and Design. Teaching experience in Ballet, Modern, Lyrical, K-Pop, and J-Pop, as well as teaching Visual Art in grades K-12 in the private school system. More than 15 years of dance experience with L’Ecole de Danse.

At L'Ecole de Danse, we offer classical training in a nurturing environment. Children learn self-discipline and confidence in their weekly classes at our family owned business. We encourage creativity and a love for the arts while teaching correct body placement and traditional terminology. With more than 25 years of teaching experience, our instructors offer your child the tools for success on stage and beyond.


L'Ecole de Danse